May 01, 2018 2 min read

It’s become a staple of our everyday wear: a pair of sunglasses that protects the eyes from the sun and looks cool and trendy in the process. But just how much thought have you given to the wear and tear these accessories go through on a daily basis? Whether perched on our heads or tossed in the cubbyhole, sunglasses often bear the brunt of our hurried lifestyles. Today, we aim to change all of that. All it takes are a few simple tips and tweaks to keep your sunglasses staying functional and fashionable, guaranteed.

Tricks of the Trade

There’s a very good reason that sunglasses come housed in a protective case along with a special cleaning cloth. That little piece of fabric is made of gentle microfiber and will effectively yet harmlessly clean any specks of dirt and grime off your lenses. So many times, we’re tempted to clean our lenses with the edge of a T-shirt or, even worse, a tissue or paper napkin (eek!). Now if said fabric is organic cotton, the damage will be minimal. But rubbing your sunglass lens with an abrasive fabric blend like lycra or polyester may scratch the lens and chip away at the UV anti-glare coating.


Spit and Polish

Then comes the task of actually getting rid of real dirt on your sunglasses. Hands up if you’ve ever used a household cleaning agent to polish your precious sunnies. We’ve heard stories of everything from Windex to spirit alcohol to zap away specks of dirt. If you don’t have a real lens cleaning solution with you, keep it as simple as possible. Use a little warm water, a gentle hand soap and massage the lenses until the dirt melts away. Dry the lenses thoroughly and you’re good to go.

Parting Thoughts

You’ve probably spent quite some cash on a good pair of sunglasses. So, next time you’re out sporting your eyewear, treat them with the care and consideration they deserve. Try to resist wearing them on your head (eventually they will stretch) and, whenever not in use, store them away in the special sunglasses case for safekeeping. Trust us - your eyesight (and bank balance) will thank you for it!

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